CDCFCU Now Offers Youth Accounts

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Direct deposit your teens' allowance...
when they earn it.

Getting started is easy. Visit your CDCFCU branch and open a teen account. Then come back and sign up right here, using the new teen account info. Here's how Ourly works: 

Assign tasks
Assign tasks to be completed around the house. You decide what its worth, when it needs to be done, and how often.
Review work
When tasks are complete, teens take photos for you to review, approve or reject as you go –  quickly + easily, from anywhere.
Approve Allowance
When you approve a completed task, the allowance you set is direct deposited to your teen's account! 

Kids need jobs, too.

Have you ever tried chores and chore charts? Often parents find the task of getting their kids to do chores is more work than it seems worth. Ourly can take the stress out of this process. We want to provide you with a means to positively teach and engage with your kids about money and responsibility by contributing around the house. Ourly allows you to post the jobs with an allotted price for doing them, and your kids receive notifications of the job, do the job and send you a picture of the completed job. Then the money gets transferred to their account. If they don’t do the job, they don’t get the money. No more arguing. If they want the spending money, the jobs get done. How cool is that? Let Ourly help you and your kids!


Raising leaders today.

Sit your kids down and have a conversation with them about allowance, chores and financial responsibility. Talk to them about what kind of chores they can do, how much money they want to earn, and when they can complete them. This is your opportunity to teach your kids how to live up to your expectations – make it count! It’s important that you stress the need for them to help you around the house - after all, they live and eat there too!


kids earn money

Are your kids motivated?

Kids who earn their own money are more motivated to save it. Kids who get paid to do housework are more motivated to do it, too! Ourly is designed to make it easier and more fun to get your kids to work for the money you give them. With live updates and "proof" pictures, allowance is only sent when you approve a chore you've assigned. Ourly is a helpful, interactive family tool. It's for parents who are juggling their modern family, providing a collaboration technology to enable teamwork and achieve calm. 

So, congratulations on taking your first step towards getting your kids to earn their own money, teaching them fiscal responsibility, and greatly improving your family’s dynamic!



Sue B. | Fleming Island, FL
" This is the only thing that has motivated my 14-year-old son to do "work" and he is motivated and has set goals. It's fun, and fun to see him want to work for what he wants. Thanks! "
Jennifer M. | Merced, CA
" I am so appreciative of this service…you have no idea. I have problems following through on chores with my kids, and this puts all the responsibility on them. LOVE IT! Thank you for your prompt responses! I will give you all a shout out on Facebook to help spread the word. "
Brad N. | Saint Louis, MO
" *Awesome* customer care!! I've recommended Ourly to several of our friends and I'm glad I've done so. It's so cool to see the kids' sense of empowerment and watching them take personal responsibility for achieving their desired goals. Thanks again!"